This page lists all those exhibiting their icons in the BAI 2021 ‘Icons Emerging from Lockdown’ Exhibition


Please click on the name of the exhibitor and you will be taken to their exhibition page.

If you wish to view the image of the icon full-screen you may open the icon image in a new tab on your browser.

Please be aware that all images of icons displayed on these pages are copyright and may not be copied, modified in anyway or displayed elsewhere without the permission of the iconographer.

Aidan Hart
Alan Hudson
Aleksandras Aleksejevas
Anara Forrester
Andrew de Smet
Angela Grace Chapman
Ann Welch
Anthony Yeung
Bernie Fox
Cheryll Kinsley Potter
Christine Remedios
Christopher Perrins
Derek Bird
Elaine P. Spencer
Elizabeth Mary Wilkinson
Hanna Ward
Heli Setala
Isobel Cherry
J C Blackstone
Jaime Barkley
Jan Westcott
John Elcock
Julie Ahern
Juliet Venter
Katharine Alys
Kathryn Naylor
Ka-yee Chan
Leila Moules
Maria Guerreiro
Mia Murray
Marina Carmel
Patricia Murphy
Pavel Lupu
Peter Murphy
Robert Gibbons
Ros Hills
Sheila Read
Sr Annette Lawrence
Sr Esther Pollak
Suzanna Rust
Tom Russ
Trish Jones
Veronica Cruwys
Vivienne Bolton
Vladimir Tverbokhlebov
Wiktoria Jamroz

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